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If you've got this far, you might actually be interested in what I have to say here. The essentials are listed below:

Some people would call me a goth, but only by association. Yes, I wear black most of the time, have an evil-sounding CD collection and am far from the most cheerful person in the world.

But I'm also a white, hetrosexual, 31-year old, meat-eating, beer-drinking male from Romford. My days of getting dressed up and clubbing from dusk till dawn are fading out (though there are signs of a recent revival). Despite my music tastes, I don't do a lot of the other 'goth stuff' that goes with it.

I escaped to Brentwood in my teenage years, and finally fled Essex entirely in March 2005, only to come a couple of tube stops short of returning two years later. I've now returned to my home town. Since I've never lived outside London or Essex, it is yet to be truly established that all this was a Good Thing.

Collector of CDs and, up until the end of 2006, sole editor of EOL-Audio, a kind of mix of CD and live band reviews, rather contraversial genre definitions and general listening advice. This project has now closed and will be replaced by Terminates Here.

I've since dug out my D20s and am now in the process of rediscovering my dungeon mastering credentials. In these days of online RPGs, it seems almost sociable to meet fellow gamers in real life rather than through avatars. When I get time (and enough inspiration), my own musical project (now titled 'Terminates Here') might actually cease being an April Fools joke and actually produce some music.

Despite my regular appearance at clubs, gigs, festivals and various other social event, I'm non-smoking and non-drug taking - junk food gives me all the highs I need. I also like to get some sleep once in a while - it's not that I can't do all-nighters, I just elect not to. I don't do flamewars. I don't do LJ drama. Or any other kind of drama. Don't try and drag me in.

I refuse to support 'populist' causes where support is more depenedent on the person doing the rallying that any true understanding of the issue in question. Direct action is only justified when there is a direct threat.

NOTE: This is a partially public, partially friends-only journal, but can be changed if abused.
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