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My 3rd month of eMusic, and as ever, it's 'Download Day' on the 9th. 100 songs, fully legit, DRM free, for £20. And Steve Jobs doesn't get a penny (sorry, Applephiles, I've have issues with 'iCulture', I won't go into them here).

Interesting selection this time out - a couple of old Deine Lakaien eps, all the theme tunes from the first two series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, some old Converter and Imminent Starvation stuff (ah, when power noise was real power noise and not something-core), the first two Implant EPs from the mid 90s, Kloq's version of 'Ibiza', Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio 4-track thing I'd never heard of, Clan Of Xymox's 'Heroes' EP, some Agonoize bonus tracks I never got my hands on, and best of all, some hilarious Spray songs. They've actually done a synthpop footie anthem called 'Synching For England'!
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