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I have seen two consecutive posts.

The first was anti-Nick Griffin, BNP leader, former National Front member, one-time Holocaust Denier.

The second was anti-Bob Crow, RMT leader with known Communist sympathies.

Ladies and Gentlemen, are we finally starting to learn that you don't solve one extreme by resorting to another?

The laughable, childish protest of Unite Against Fascism only seemed to give more airtime to Nick Griffin - the few uninterupped interviews I've seen of him show his true colours a lot more clearly than the various soundbites we hear. Had the Q&A run it's course, UAF would have got some much better ammunition against him than raw eggs.

Are the people calling for Trade Unions to be severely curtailed going to be saying the same thing when they need to fall back on one when their employer is being an arsehole? Surely the answer is not Thatcherite curtailment, but a democratic attempt to remove these awkward, politically-charged, hot-headed militants from union positions and replace them with some people who actually look after their workers rather than thinly-veilied attempts at spiting the political status quo?
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