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Right, have hardly written in here of late, so here's a summary.

Easter Weekend: Went to visit Grandad in hospital - he'd had an accident at home and needed a hip replacement. Then round to visit my parents. Back to London next day and went to see Essence of Mind (Apop meets Combichrist and not as good as either), Scream Silence (goth metal band, good enough) and Zeromancer (who I'd really came to see, and they didn't disappoint). Easter Sunday was dull until I ventured out to watch Implant - a short, sweet set and picked up the new album and a really old one from the psychokatuk and steve_a23-run merch stall. Easter Monday was a non-event.

The Week: Went down with the biggest cold I can remember. It's the last time one knocked me out so mucg for as long. But recovered in time for....

Friday: THE PRODIGY! Finally after 12 years! Clearly a more chav-occupied gig than most - ended up sitting next to a woman squeezed into a too-tight black dress with the thickest Essex accent imaginable - turned out she was a 'baancer' from 'Saathend'. Then a 40ish rave scene refugee turned up and became a kind of instant friend for the duration of the gig, which was loud, packed full of hits and was cathartic in the right kind of way, helped by the fact that my two favourite songs by the band ('Breathe' and 'Thier Law') were on 2nd and 3rd and thus got me warmed up real quick.

Saturday: Celebrated 'Independent Record Shop Day' with a trip to Rough Trade on Brick Lane. Got the last Di6 album I needed to complete the set (Burial) and a 1919 compilation (as the label said they were like Killing Joke, only from Bradford) and then headed home.

Sunday: Watched the Chinese Grand Prix, and true to form fancied another one an hour later. Dunno what's gone wrong at Beemer this year, but at least Red Bull 'Gives You Wins' if you're a German rainmeister who resembles another certain German rainmeister, only much nicer. Then out to run RPG - with everything that had gone on, I had little notice of who'd turn up and had to completely 'wing it' with the days game. Seemingly got away with it. One of the reasons I run D&D and not WoD games or suchlike is players generally don't take the game QUITE as seriously, so even an off-day can be turned round with a few good ideas.

Today: Didn't buy the new DM or Lacuna Coil albums at lunchtime, as most people would have expected me to, as I'd spotted them way cheaper, with exlusive tracks, on Play.Com, thus ruining the support for real CD outlets that I'd shown on Sunday.
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