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That was fun....well in places. Got up on Saturday morning for GP qualifying, went to Tesco and then......well, I don't quite remember. Came down with a headache late in the day and never made it to Slimelight.

Sunday was better - watched the Grand Prix proper. Curtailed, yes, but plenty of fun to be had in the one hour we did get, so not a disaster. Then it was out to London by a rather indirect route to meet up with ebmgothicgirlie, over from Norway for one weekend only. Arrived to meet bleeptastic and D-L, with Penny turning up a few minutes later, followed by greeba, psychokatuk, ladykomachi and some other people I didn't know. Also met chrome666 inside - thus meeting all 3 of the English members of our 'Norway In November' expedition from last year!

Then to the gig - well, the queue outside the gig which was way too slow letting people in. Missed half of RBNs set as a result. And then to a double header of Mesh and Covenant, both with new songs to play. A great idea, that - in principle. But on a Sunday night where venues chuck out at 11pm and the tubes close early? And the doors opened late? Both bands had far too many good songs to be able to play enough of them in the time available - though both bands still did great sets and played to the crowd nicely. Don't think the audience liked having to get only one of 'Call The Ships To Port', 'One World One Sky' and 'Dead Stars', though!

(Q: How long has Daniel Myer been in Covenant?)

Anyway, good to see lots of people and lots of bands for a second successive week. After a slow start, 2009 isn't proving to be all that bad right now. Just a pity everything this weekend kept being cut short just when I was enjoying it!
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