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Has anyone realised that since Ministry quit the business, the recent RevCo output now sounds suspiciously like.....Ministry? Well, the two project weren't completely dissimilar, but they're closer now than they ever have been. Not a bad album - certainly better than the self-indulgent nonsense they used to pad out the few good tracks they did in the 1990s.

Have also enjoyed recent albums by Diary Of Dreams (as if I wouldn't - it came out on my 30th Birthday!), the recent Punto Omega (hey, terrorEBM heads - you can do the style with guitars in the mix after all!) and The Prodigy (bang on form again!) - also the remix albums by Die Krupps and Kirlian Camera. New Zeromancer is promising but not quite 'clicked' yet. On first listen, the new KMFDM sounds pretty good too - thankfully back to 5-letter albums names, too (BLITZ!!!!).

Can't get my head around the new Project Pitchfork album. The new :Wumpscut: is as :Wumpscut: always is. The covers on the new And One are enjoyable enough but the original songs aren't anything special. Synapscape seem to be at a loss for ideas too (pity, usually one of my preferred Ant-Zen bands and one of the few that's been active of late).

None of this compares however, to the new Blutengel, which is a turd in a CD case. Even their weakest albums usually spring a song or two I really like, but not this time. Chris Pohl is even re-using old lyrics and the current crop of female singers can't beat the Seelenschmerz collective. I bet someone could write a mad-libs generator to churn out Blutengel songs like this. Lead candidate for worst album of 2009 already....

I'm up for getting the reviewing going again if anyone wants to read it. What do you all think?
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