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WGT is looking increasingly unlikely. I CAN technically afford it, but it's a lot of money for what might ultimately be 3 bands (Megaherz, Eisbrecher and Die Form). There's a few others that are minor attractions (Agonoize, Eternal Afflict, Yelworc) but with seemingly 75% of the bill confirmed, £300 to get four nights in a hotel (let's just forget about turning up on Thursday ) and quite a few friends not going (so I wouldn't feel like I was missing something), it just isn't selling itself to me. The pound isn't likely to improve against the Euro for as long as the BofE continues to think printing money is a good idea.

Finding a roommate (someone I know, who is solvent and unlikely to mess me around) and a cheap non-Ryanair flight (that company sickens me so much now that I'd rather pay more not to fly with them) MIGHT win me over, but that's about it.

M'era Luna actually looks a bit more tempting now (Prodigy headlining, Untoten and Die Form further down the bill)......but maybe I'll just hold out and see what InFest do.
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