Jonny EOL (jonny_eol) wrote,
Jonny EOL


I remember seeing the video of Editor 'Papilon' a few weeks ago, and it made me realise that there's probably other music out there, available in normal record shops, that I actually might like. I've become so entrenched in 'The Scene' that I've fogotten to look beyond it - I haven't owned a radio for years, for instance.

But panning for gold involves sifting through a lot of mud. Whilst I enjoy the process to an extent, I was hoping you guys could make some suggestions for places to start. The glut of 'post-punk revival' during the 00s, and maybe some of those female-fronted synth bands - I didn't care much for Client or Lady Gaga (the two bands from this area 'forced upon me'), but it's more about their way of doing things that disliking the style. I know there's a band out there for me that I haven't thought to listen to yet.

I LIKE: Quirky/unusual instruments or musical techniques. Depeche Mode/New Order/Joy Division inspired-bands. I don't demand especially talented musicians or singers, as long as it's well produced and they can actually write songs. Prefer things with either at least one synth, or 'interesting' guitar and drum effects that achieve similar results.

I DISLIKE: Excessive sentimentality. Soul/R&B influence. Worthy-but-dull indie rock. Most things that are 'artificially lo-fi'. Smiths/U2 wannabes (two bands that I never cared much for). Bands with 'agendas' (socialist, militant vegetarian, Peta-supporters, etc).
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